Step to the Future
We highly value every relation in our business.
We always look at the future to become a more exclusive, reliable and superior ship owner for our partners.


Address 8 Shenton Way #17-01A AXA Tower
Singapore 068811
TEL (65)-6221-9769
FAX (65)-6221-9765
Established 2001
Capital 500,000 SGD
Board Members Managing Director Mr. Taku Imai
Director Ms. Maemi Nagayoshi
Director Mr. Kaung Aung
Main Charterers Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Ltd.
MOL Chemical Tankers PTE LTD
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, LTD.
d'Amico International S.A
Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S
Main Class NK, ABS

Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, please take exit D.
Bus Stops: Opp AXA Tower (Stop ID: 03217) or Intl Plaza (Stop ID: 03223)

Blue Wake Shipping PTE LTD was Founded
in 2001 as a ship owner entity.

First of all, Blue Wake Shipping PTE LTD would like to thank all Charterers, associates and business partners.
With all the assistance and cooperation from the partners, Blue Wake Shipping has been able to stay successful and strong.
Looking back the past, Blue Wake Shipping PTE LTD was funded in 2001 as a ship owning company.
The very first vessel was the 7500 cbm LPG tanker, Super League, built in Watanabe Shipyard in 2002.
Blue Wake Shipping always had the strong desire to own a liquid tankers.
We delivered the first full-stainless chemical tanker; “MAYA” – 12,400 DWT in January 2003, from Fukuoka Shipyard.
QUEENI, 8,750 DWT full stainless chemical tankers was the second, delivered in November 2003.
Thereafter, Blue Wake continued to build the vessels and now we still keep going.
(Please view the history page.)

Throughout many years, times change.
Nowadays, the market situation of the shipping industries fluctuates dramatically and frequently.
It is becoming more difficult to predict and forecast the market trends.
In order to maintain the strength, we always need to be keen to foresee and adapt to the new trends.
With such best knowledge and ability, Blue Wake always looks for the reliable opportunities of the new building projects.
We are also open to any discussions with reputable Charterers and partners.

The core strength of Blue Wake Shipping is, to stay active.
We respect and prefer direct interaction with Charterers and other business partners.

We also highly esteem the reliable employees and associates.
We conceptualize to apply the responsible work-ethic in the company and each employees and contractors concentrate on their tasks under own responsibilities. Lastly, safety is always the key in our work and business.
Safety of the work, cargo, crews and the vessel are the utmost priority for us.

It is our best interest to continue to stand strong, contribute and keep growing to be the part of the world of shipping industry.




LPG Tanker / 7500 cbmSUPER LEAGUE
Hull No. KO-331
Length 112 M
Breath 18.8 M
Depth 8.8 M
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 12,400 MTMAYA
Hull No. F-1227
Shipyard Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Length 116 m
Breath 20 m
Depth 11.20 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 8,750 MTQUEENIE
Hull No. S-531
Shipyard Murakami Hide Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
Length 109 m
Breath 18.2 m
Depth 9.65 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Clean Product Tanker / 45,900 MTHIGH PRIORITY
Hull No. S-687
Length 174 m
Breath 32.2 m
Depth 19.25 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Clean Product Tanker / 48,400 MTHIGH PRESENCE
Hull No. S-Z230
Shipyard Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd.
Length 173 m
Breath 32.2 m
Depth 19.05 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 19,900 MTSHAMROCK VENUS
Hull No. F-1259
Shipyard Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Length 138.50 m
Breath 23.70 m
Depth 13.00 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Clean Product Tanker / 48,700 MTHIGH PROSPERITY
Hull No. S-Z238
Shipyard Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd.
Length 173 m
Breath 32.2 m
Depth 19.05 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 19,900 MTMAEMI (BRAKEN)
Hull No. F-1269
Shipyard Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Length 138.50 m
Breath 23.70 m
Depth 13.00 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 19,900 MTMAEMI II (VIDDEN)
Hull No. F-1270
Shipyard Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Length 138.50 m
Breath 23.70 m
Depth 13.00 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 19,900 MTVALOROUS QUEEN
Hull No. F-1289
Shipyard Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Length 138.50 m
Breath 24.20 m
Depth 12.90 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK



Clean Product Tanker / 48,000 MTHIGH PEARL
Hull No. S-Z268
Shipyard Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd.
Length 173.50 m
Breath 32.20 m
Depth 19.05 m
Flag Singapore
Class ABS


Clean Product Tanker / 48,000 MTNORD INTELLIGENCE
Hull No. S-Z269
Shipyard Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd.
Length 173.50 m
Breath 32.20 m
Depth 19.05 m
Flag Singapore
Class ABS


Clean Product Tanker / 48,000 MTCARINA
Hull No. S-Z269
Shipyard Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd.
Length 173.50 m
Breath 32.20 m
Depth 19.05 m
Flag Singapore
Class ABS


Bulk Carrier / 95000 MTCMB VAN MIEGHEM
Hull No. S-1564
Length 228 m
Breath 38.00 m
Depth 19.90m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Log Bulk Carrier / 38,000 MTHIMAWARI K
Hull No. S-837
Length 174 m
Breath 29.80m
Depth 15.00m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Methanol Tanker / 45,000 MTPICO BASILE
Hull No. M-751
Shipyard Minaminippon Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd.
Length 179.13 m
Breath 32.20 m
Depth 19.00 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


Full Stainless Chemical Tanker / 36,000 MTARPEGGIO
Hull No. S-5900
Length 173.00 m
Breath 27.40 m
Depth 16.30 m
Flag Singapore
Class NK


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Vessel Name Shipyard Type Delivery
HIGH PEARL Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd. Clean Product Tanker August 2009
NORD INTELLIGENCE Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd. Clean Product Tanker February 2010
CARINA Iwagi Zosen Co., Ltd. Clean Product Tanker November 2010
PICO BASILE Minaminippon Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd. Methanol Tanker January 2016
ARPEGGIO SHIN KURUSHIMA DOCKYARD CO.,LTD. Full Stainless Chemical Tanker January 2017


Ship Owning

Our main business concept is to achieve long Time-Charter contract with reliable Charterers. We are only focused with new buildings.

When we build new vessels, we thoroughly study the whole project scheme.
We look at the price of the vessel, hire rate, Time Charterer Period, operational costs and management costs including the dry docks.
We also strategically study the various financing options.

Policy towards technical management
For owning the vessel in long time Charterers,
For tankers, we contract with third party technical managers.
For dry bulk carriers, we perform the in-house management.

“Safety first” is our forever motto
However, we believe that cost control is the most essential key for sustaining the safety.
We standardize the annual budget for technical managements.
However, we never allow the reputation of “spend all since it is within the budget” to all of our technical managers.
We save if we can save.
We spend if we have to.

It is very essential to construct the reliable and proactive accounting team.
It is important to closely monitor and analyze every expense that our technical managers spend.
As owners, we also get involved in purchases and supplies, repair plan and dry docks.
This is in order for us to verify that the provided prices are fair and reasonable.

Moreover, we must make sure that every expense is used in correct way.
Our goal is to try saving the costs, so we can utilize the saving for other maintenances and upgrades.
This is our policy in our high-quality management.

Daily operations We directly get involved in the daily operations.
We do not fully depend on the technical managers.
We interact with Charterers on owners matters, such as cargo issues, Bills of ladings, Letters of Indemnity, off hire and any other matters.
We also highly value the time.
We totally understand how important it is for Charterers and cargo owners to receive the timely response from owners.
We are not perfect, but it is our policy to be as cooperative as possible to Charterers at all times.

Lastly, we truly thank to all of these business partners.
Blue Wake Shipping can exist today because of the continuous cooperation and support from the business partners.

We always endeavor to be one of the reliable and long trusted ship owners for all partners.

Mind of Safety

In our business, the sustaining the safety is the most important tasks of all, but in fact it is also the most difficult task in the marine industry.

Maintaining the safety can lead us to, protecting the nature, preventing the unnecessary losses and the most important of all, achieving the long terms trust and credit from business partners.

When it comes to cargo trading, our utmost priority is the safety of the crew, the cargo and the vessels.
In order to do so, it is important to employ well-trained seafarers who are honest and make the correct judgements.

We also value the communication skills of each employee in the office, the ship crew, and third-party contractors.
We appreciate the direct integration with Charterers.

Human errors, mechanical problems and accidents do happen.
Our goal is to build relations with one another to be able to communicate closely to declare the facts, and try to solve the problem at the earliest stage, rather than hiding the problem.

We are not perfect, but we can always try to improve and be the next level.

We are always keen to take the step to the future, with “mind of safety”.

Technical Management

Blue Wake Shipping also performs the technical management for own bulk carriers.

We run our own DOC/SMS system.

We study the safety management in daily basis and putting our effort to maintain the safe operation of our vessels.

Our management team is consisted with main 3 cores. There are Marine department, Technical department and Accounting department. Each member in the management team performs the multi-tasking with various responsivities.

Marine department looks after the daily operation, cargo issues, crew management, passage planning, risk assessment, and contracts.

Technical department is responsible for any machinery and technical matters, purchases/supplies, DOC/SMS manual improvement and revisions, audits, quality controls and drydocking planning.

Accounting depart is independent and core of the company to maneuver the financing and payment verifications and controls.

We believe that the close communication is one of the essential key in the safety management system. In daily basis, we deal with so many people and so many companies.

On board, we have more than 20 crews on each vessel. We try to connect well with each vessel, try to be as open as possible for any discussions and concerns. The crews are provided by the contracted manning companies, in which we require them to maintain high quality seafarers. We constantly visit their facilities and check on their quality management.

There are many other companies, such as MPA, class, machinery makers, suppliers and venders. We also value the close communication with these companies who relate with our business. Each company have their own professions. We are always in the advantageous position to be able to “ask” any questions and obtain any advices that we require. In this way, we can try to locate the problem at the earliest stages, discuss, prevent and rectify the problems. The most importantly, we can reflect this whole process in our safety management system in order to improve our company SMS.

In the management team, we are always open to discuss and share to any concerns and topics to one another. We dedicate the work and responsiblities to each department, but we try not to set boundaries among the different departments. We always situate our member to be able to talk to each other and discuss. We always avoid make the conclusion with only one-sided idea or thoughts. We look into the topics with various angles and idea.

We are still in the learning process. We are always hungry for learning to improve our management system. We keep growing to the next level not only as the ship owners, but also as the technical managers. This is Blue Wake Shipping Safety Management Team.



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